Odriod-N2 Install Issues From LE

Hi All,

I am installing the latest version of CoreElec on my N2 but once i have done a Restore from LibreElec v8.2.5 from my C2 I cannot get things to work.

I have enabled sftp but still I lose access to my Shares, Custom Playlists etc… When i click on anything i get “No Longer Available”

I am running to a SQL Server as well.

Any help on this please will be great as i am not sure how to solve this as i do not want to lose my watchlist and everything else.

Thanks in advanced.

Do you really think it is N2 issue?

Hi @Pelican

The device is 100% something in the build / restore is breaking this. I am not sure how to restore all my settings.

Any advice please.

You are trying to restore backup:

  1. from old kodi version
  2. from old LE, not CE version
  3. from different box

It’s better to configure it from scratch.

Or to add manually what absent

In your situation, I’d first install latest stable CE (on a separate uSD card!) on your C2, and see if restoring your settings from le.8.2.5 works then. If everything is OK then I’d make a new backup which I’d then transfer to a fresh stable CE installation…

@boot2k3 - On my C2 i am on v8.2.5 i cannot go higher as everything breaks.

@Sholander - will give this a try.

So if do a clean install and i have SQL Setup already this will keep my histroy of watched and stuff correct all i need to do is install my add-ons and copy over my .xml files and i should be good to go ?

So it looks as it’s not an Odroid-N2 issue…

Cannot say that it will work for sure, but worth a try…
As @boot2k3 said, to many differences between your 2 versions to be sure it will work as it should.

can i use the same SQL DB or must i copy it and use the copy or what is recommend ?

As I know different kodi versions could use different sql db.

Thanks will check

@Pelican I have done a clean install, For the life of me CoreElec does not want to scan my files or even add to mysql DB. I am not sure what is going on but this is driving me insane :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that you need to update your database version in order for Kodi Leia to work with it. Krypton was using an older DB version that isn’t compatible anymore.

So after hours of pain it seems my DB is corrupt and i cannot even do a Library Export…

Anyone know how to backup your watched list and import it again please

I take it i use this file g12b_a311d_odroid_n2.dtb

For stable release, yes.
In nightlies the DTBs were renamed, it’s now g12b_s922x_odroid_n2.dtb

Thanks a lot

Hi All

OK so i have decided to use my C2 since my N2 has issues with CEC.

I installed a clean build and there was no need for me to move the DTB as everything just worked for me.

I enabled SFTP added my drives, changed some xml files. SQL DB upgraded and i am back in business.

Thanks to everyone :slight_smile:


I now have some new issues…

Playlists do not seem to work i get told “File does not exist” and asks me to remove or keep it.

Issues seems to be with Kodi and SFTP.

@TheCoolest @Pelican I see that the Kodi Team have fixed the issues - https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/16438

Will there be a new release ?