Odroid C2 Playlist Issues

Hi All,

I am running the latest version 9.0.3 on my C2 and with the help it is finally stable. I do have an issue where my Playlists for some odd reason do not want to load the content (Play It) states the file does not exist.

If i go to the location on the share i can find it and it plays 100%.

Any recommended fixes please.

Thanks in advanced,.

Issues seems to be with Kodi and SFTP.

I had this problem recently when setting up a large buffer (cache) with local files.

@ozolli How did you fix this ?

There is an post of he Kodi GitHub that they have not merged this fix yet. So i take it will just wait for this to get fixed then CoreElec Updated :slight_smile:

I reverted the local buffer mode in advancedsettings.xml from




Thanks alot let me give this a try :slight_smile: