Odroid C4 hi10p capability

Hi, I was wondering how well the Odroid C4 handles 1080p x264 hi10p content? I know there’s no hw acceleration for it but how well does the CPU handle it; %load, frameskips?

Thanks in advance!

Kodi.wiki/samples has one sample file of this specific type. It’s just a couple minutes long, but enough for a first impression.

It’s #16 of https://kodi.wiki/view/Samples#Codecs,_Framerates,_Black-levels_and_Subtitles

I don’t own a unit yet but am considering to get one. Its hi10p playback capabilities will be a deciding factor.

I was kinda hoping to get some first-hand reports from people who actually own the unit so I can base my decision on that.

If you mean 10bit 1080p it works fine, why wouldn’t it?

Because 10 bit x264 isn’t hardware accelerated on the C4. Therefore it has to be decoded by the CPU, but not all CPUs are capable of that.

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