Odroid C4 overclocking


I use CoreElec on a C4 and sometimes have issues with Netflix in 1080p (I know it’s a known issue and due to encryption + soft only video deconding).

However I noticed the CPU of the C4 is only cadenced at 1.908 Ghz and go to at least 2.016 Ghz or even 2.1 Ghz (https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-c4/troubleshooting/overclocking). Which should help with Netflix at 1080p (I also put some active cooling to avoid any heating


So I tried to change the frequencie to 2.016 but changes in the boot.ini and a reboot doesn’t change the frequencie.

Also in the default boot.ini there is:

if test "${max_freq_a53}" != ""; then setenv max_freq_a53 "max_freq_a53=${max_freq_a53}"; fi

if test "${max_freq_a55}" != ""; then setenv max_freq_a53 "max_freq_a53=${max_freq_a55}"; fi

But the C4 doesn’t have a a53 only a55 cores. So it looks like there may be a config issue somewhere. In my test I added setenv max_freq_a55 "2016" but the frequencie is still 1.908 Ghz after a reboot.

I install kodi using CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.3-Odroid_C4.img and it was updated to since.

Did anyone overclocked the C4 successfully or is able to give me any help on how to do that ?

setenv is not usable for Odroid devices as they have no storage for environment.

Use config.ini:

you can set max_freq_a55 or max_freq_a53 in config.ini. It’s only about compatibility for other G12* hardware. It’s the same value, just another name. Max is 2100.

Thanks for the info it worked.