Odroid - coreelec SPDIF sleep mode

Hi, I got SPDIF optical output on N2 + (via GPIO), I only run coreelec. Everything works great, only if coreelec goes to sleep and wakes up, SPDIF output will not start. I have to restart the whole board (restarting Coreelec is not enough). Don’t know how to solve it? Thanks

Don’t let it go to sleep?
It consumes so little in idle that it’s not worth the bother to put it to sleep…

According to the manufacturer of SPDIF Toshiba, the optical output is not built for continuous operation

What does that mean, where are those specifications?
If it means that it should not be powered on all the time, that’s a nonsense, because ALL SPDIF transmitters in cheapest Chinese boxes are powered all the time, as are all SPDIF receivers in all AV receivers.
If it means that it should not transmit all the time, why should that worry you, since I’m sure that you don’t listen to music 24/7…

I have the same problem. I thought I can circumvent it when I shut down the Odroid completely and just let it boot when I turn it on, but I can’t get that to work either.

I’ve set Kodi’s energy saving setting to “shutdown”, but it seems to have no effect. SPDIF only turns back on when it reboot. :frowning:

It seems that this is a N2 firmware issue and is not really in the remit of CE to resolve.
Its my experience that Linux has always been patchy on wake from sleep/hibernate and this is a kernel issue which can only be resolved by companies like Odroid pushing patches to Mainline. This is a thankless thing waiting for Odroid to a) bother to address the issue b) Linux to accept the patch.

This is why it is always my advise to keep your media boxes awake at all times.


Thanks for your tip! But if I really want to shut down the device, what should I do? As it seems, it only goes into sleep mode when I press the off-button on my remote (Logitech Harmony Hub). Where can I change the bevavior what happens when pressing the remote’s off-button? Kodi’s setting seem to have no effect?!

You would have to be clear what you want to achieve here. if you manage to successfully turn off your N2 then it will no longer respond to your remote when you want to turn it on again. Anything else is simply not off as such and represents some subset of sleep/hibernate. That functionality is built into the bootloader - which is down to Odroid how they implement it. Your looking in the wrong place for your answers.


Thanks, that helped a lot. I have posed on the Hardkernel forum, too. Let’s see what they make of it.

To solve the problem right now, I will try to implement a reboot after waking up the odroid. That seems doable with the Harmony Hub and some key reassigments.

Heres a thing to be aware of, that crappy little 3.5mm phone hides a truly excellent DAC built into the N2. I personally would ditch the SPIDF and use the onboard DAC as it will better any sub €500.00 HIFI DAC and will eliminate the bottleneck to quality which the SPIDF interface represents.

Just a thought.


I will do that for audio streams, thanks for the tip!
But I need the SPDIF for multicannel video streams, I guess. Or is there a mutichannel analog out (via GPIO?) that uses the DAC?

It is definately just stereo on the DAC.


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