Odroid N2+ 2G or 4GB


I am in the planning of upgrading from my minix u9-h and I am currently looking at the Odroid N2+ 2GB or 4GB, alternative Odroid C4.

But when I go to the installation guide for Odroid N2+ it says 4GB version only. Will this also work with the 2GB Odroid?
And what is the big benefit of choosing 4GB instead of 2GB? And is the N2+ more futureproof then the C4?

Thanks =)

I have two 2GB N2s that run quite happily with CE. I have one 4GB box that I bought on the chance that the extra memory would useful for EmuELEC. The 2GB boxes run CE without issue.

The N2+ is slightly beefier on paper than the C4 and has a slightly newer processor, S922X on the N2+ vs S905X3 on the C4. This may make the N2+ more future proof.

That said either would be good choices. I use emmc storage on all of mine, and if you choose to go that route get the SD module so that you can easily flash the emmc.

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Thank you for the help and advice.

Could you link what Emmc storage you bought and which sd module you mean? Not so easy to get a hold of the Odroid or peripherals to it here in Sweden :frowning:

What about odroid.se or kksb-cases.com? Plenty of HK stuff on shelf.

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Gladly, though they are from a North American Supplier, you’ll at least have a point of reference.

You have this option, a USB 3.0 Emmc adapter - More expensive but a little easier to use.


The SD/EMMC adapter - Less expensive buy your mileage may vary, it can be dodgy with certain micro SD to SD adapters.

And then for EMMC storage itself,

This EMMC module. - The dot color doesn’t make a difference, it just denotes the operating system that comes pre-installed. You’ll be flashing CE to it anyway.

Great! Thanks a lot for this!

So the benefit for EMMC over SDcards is stability and speed?
I do have some SDcards laying around that I could use for CE but I rather have an emmc storage of course since I plan to keep this one for some time / move it to next media player

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While there is a minor speed increase using emmc over SD, how noticeable that increase actually is in real world usage is debatable. For me, it’s the stability of the emmc. I’ve had enough SD cards crap out on me over the years that the small extra cost up front for the emmc module felt worthwhile.

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