Odroid N2+ 2GB CoreElec?

Welcome I buyed a Odroid N2+ 2GB version but I dont found a New 19.3 version download liast only 4GB version. This is works my 2GB version ?

9.2.8 I found 2gb version but what is a different a 19.3 and 9.2.8 version ?:relaxed:

Yes, look for N2(+) variant from Download. Differences between CE 19 and 9.2.8 are Kodi generations: 9.2.8 is packing Leia and 19.3 is carrying latest stable Kodi - Matrix.

And what is a best choice?
19.3 4gb version
9.2.8 2gb/4gb version
nightly 19.4 (does not write that 2 or 4 gb version)
nightly 20 (does not write that 2 or 4 gb version)


CE 19.3 stable


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