Odroid N2, 9.2.5, Stutter after pause

I am seeing fairly regular issues after resuming playback following a pause, particularly if that pause is for a longer time. (I see several other posts about this on this forum but no answers unfortunately).

I have confirmed in the Kodi video info display there are no frame drops recorded. Have confirmed that Kodi is identifying the correct playback rate and the TV is also switching appropriately. There are no network or buffering issues (gigabit ethernet, wired, media being served over NFS, ample speed for everything). Playback before the pause is smooth as silk. Almost everything I play is 1080p H264, and source frame rates are either UK or US (25, 23.976/24) - really nothing unusual.

I haven’t inspected logs as such…don’t know what info I’d see, really, as it’s simple a pause … wait … unpause event. But can certainly prep one if it will help.

A skip back or forward will often fix it, although sometimes that doesn’t work so it’s just easy to stop and restart and all is smooth again.

This has been happening with all of 9.2.3, 9.2.4 and 9.2.5 … no change between versions I can see.

ODroid is connected to an Denon AVR and then to a Panasonic OLED.

Would love to get this solved as it’s a persistent irritant.

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