Odroid N2 Alternatives?

Hi, Does anyone know of a good alternative to Odroid N2 with a working power on button and atleast 2 usb ports.

I play my movies from powered usb drives. I like to be able to play UHD files with Atmos and DTS HD etc
It needs to be Refresh rate switching capable so I dont have to do anything manually.
Also with good quality onboard dac like the odroid
Ethernet port is also required.

I previously had a vero 4k+ but found it alittle lacking with the number of usb ports and dont want to run an extra usb hub

I don’t need dolby vision support.

I am looking into all the hardware supported by coreelec like the beelink etc but not sure if anything better does exist than the odroid n2 for coreelec.


A smart plug would be cheaper than a replacement.

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