Odroid N2 and 3D


Following from the Bee-link GT King thread.
I downloaded from kodi wiki the 3d files and tested in N2 in my Lg 3d TV,
The only one recognized automatically as 3d is the sbs (side by side) file.
The iso files are played as 2k (all of them).
Also the mkv mvc file is played as 2k
May be there is something wrong in my N2.
Every files plays as expected in 3d using my Raspberry 3.
Can you help?

Have you named the files correctly? Take a look at Kodi 3D to make sure everything is correct :slight_smile: I’ve not bought a N2 yet, so I’m not able to test this, yet everything is working fine on S905X.

Yes my files name is correct. The problem is with the MVC files (either Mkv or Iso). They play as 2D.

Playing 3D-MVC content is not supported, only 3D-SBS and 3D-TAB.

Thank you adamg@ I was already sure about that you finally confirm. I will continue to use my Raspberry 3 for 3d.

Is it a limitation of the amlogic kodi player or hardware and aml libraries limitation?

Basically its Amlogics poor code in some spots and total lack of code in others, for a company as big as Amlogic its sad to see how poor a lot of their code is. Over the years all they have ever really done is patch up code just to get it to work, which has created a huge mess of things for everyone trying to fix things. Amlogic is more worried about selling the SoC’s on the Android platform which allows them to use a cann’d version of Android tied to their current market without have to spend much money in software and support.