Odroid N2+ and AV Out to Analog HiFi

I’m thinking of connecting the AV Out to the AUX input of my “old” analog HiFi unit. Can one directly connect via the red and white cinch cables or does one need a preamplifier? Could there also be impedance problems? The N2+ is planned to have Android/Kodi installed.

Second question: my TV is connected to the N2+ via HDMI (HDMI as output from N2+) to watch videos. The TV is also connected to digital cable. DAB+ radio is also available. Is it possible to output this to the N2+ which would then send it to the HiFi unit (HDMI from TV as input to the N2+)?

Would it be possible to Integrate the DAB+ from the TV as a “source” for Kodi?

The N2+ has a very high quality built in DAC, one which you would have to spend many hundreds to match in the HIFI sphere. It produces a signal which can drive any amp adequately all by itself and has a standard 2Vpp output signal. The signal out will have the N2+ built in digital volume control applied so there is no need for an external preamplifier for volume control as you can use your N2+ remote control to control the volume.
I do not know the answer to your second question - other than to say that there are Internet radio stations available via the Kodi app Radio.


There is also the option of putting a Bluetooth receiver on your old HiFi and sending the audio across

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