Odroid N2 Android does it run 4k Netflix , Youetube, HBO Go and 4k Amazon Prime?

Odroid N2 Android does it run 4k Netflix , youtube, HBO Go and 4k Amazon Prime?

Netflix: no
Amazon Prime: no
YouTube: yes
HBO Go: yes (not entirely sure on this one)

Because of the widevine DRM restrictions, Netflix and Amazon Prime are only using software decoding. The N2 is capable of software decoding Netflix in 1080p (older devices were only capable of software decoding in 720p), but 4K isn’t possible.

Odroid N2 Android does it run 1080 Netflix and1080 Amazon Prime? doesn’t Kodi 18 implemented support for playback of Widevine DRM content via inputstream

This is about CoreELEC here not Android. But no!

Since you are asking about 4K Netflix and Amazon, I assume you have an 4K TV? If so, your TV most likely have all those apps and are able to stream at 4K… :slight_smile:

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All of those (not sure for YouTube) run “only” in 1080p, and only HBO-Go is hardware decoded, all rest software decoded. That is of course if you have Kodi installed via CoreElec, in Android they don’t run well

Youtube is also HW decoded and plays 4k too.

does the winedine software decoding in 1080p is working great with the S922X soc ? I mean, when the bitrate increase a lot (lots of movement, lots of pixel changing, etc.), does it keep pace with the increasing complexity of the picture changes to decode ?

Yes it does, no problem on fast moving scenes; 1080p inputstream.adaptive software decoded works great on N2

ok, thanks for your input.
I experienced such issue on a J3455 apollo lake, thus I was curious about the S922X performance.