Odroid N2+ as a NAS and a media player

Guys I am thinking about buying Odroid N2+ device to use it as a NAS and a media player. I watch mostly 4K and 4K HDR films. Do you think it will be future proof. Currently I am using a 2/32 x96max+ device.

It will certainly do the job well enough, its got the resources. However something with a real SATA interface might be better for your NAS side.


There have been USB3 issues on the N2 in the past, don’t know if that’s all fixed now but would be worth checking out.

The USB issues have been fixed by N2+ (redesign of N2), it was related to powersupply design of internal USB HUB.

Is there a fix for the N2, as I have two of them.

You can also check the Odroid HC4. It’s a S905X3 and has two native SSTA ports.

Thanks for all your input. I’ve seen HC4 but as I have some USB 3.0 ssd drives the USB 2.0 port that it offers is a real disadvantage. I am not a hardcore NAS user so for now I’ll probably stick to my USB drives and the device will be hidden so visual aspects are of no concern to me. Maybe it would be better for me to just use C4?

If you really want to have CE + NAS what about Beelink GS King X? You just can swap in 2 pcs 3.5" HDD

No fix for N2, as it was a HW issue (leading to voltage brownout on USB HUB on high load).
There was only a SW workaround to avoid high traffic load on USB…

Does the issue occur also with USB devices using their own power source?

I had issues with 2 N2’s with USB Tuner plugged into the USB3 ports, with or without external power supplies. USB2 port would however work just fine.

One of the main selling features of the original N2 was its built in high quality DAC accessible through the 3.5mm jack. Has that been dropped from the N2+ ?


No, DAC is unchanged

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Worth the purchase price alone.

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