Odroid N2+ - Blank/black screen after waking up TV from sleep

My wife has mentioned an issue with Kodi responding on TV remote signals but screen being black and finally I was able to reproduce it this morning. The symptoms are:

  • on remote press TV changes LED from red to green to indicate waking up from power-save mode. Shortly after you get a Kodi window, however rarely you only get a blank screen
  • Kodi intercepting the keys, audio working fine (I was able to navigate menus using VNC)
  • TV is “seeing” the signal on HDMI
  • systemctl restart kodi did not resolve the issue
  • replugging HDMI into another port on the TV did not help either

What finally resolved this situation was a reboot of Odroid. I could probably make a shortcut for that but perhaps someone has a better idea how to debug and fix this?



I also have this issue sometimes. My Coreelec is plugged into a receiver but to get image back, I have to physically unplug power and plug back in.

Not sure how to fix or reproduce constantly.

I don’t know if this is applicable on CE, but I remember from the openelec days, that adding the following line to config.txt could possibly solve display related problems, especially concerning HDMI signals:


I had to use the line because my Raspberry Pi booted faster than my TV and didn’t receive a signal from the TV in time, so turned a black screen on me.

Instructions to modify config.txt: Config.txt - LibreELEC.wiki

I SSH’d into my CE, en found no config.txt but config.ini in /flash folder…
As I am having the same problem after an hour or so idle time, I will make this change to config.ini and test it out.


After several tests with different idle time periods, and AVR/TV combo switched on of off (or in powersave mode), it looks like this extra line in config.ini solves the mentioned issue.
At least, in my current situation.
I will keep the change in config.ini, and will report any developments in this topic…

Update August 10: After 10 more tests, I can confirm that the extra line in config.ini solves the topic starter’s issue.

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