Odroid N2 bluetooh intermittently disconnects


My Odroid N2 started malfunctioning a week ago, Bluetooth audio would disconnect and connect again constantly.

It was running version 9.2.8 so I installed 19.5-Matrix_rc1 but the problem continues.

USB bluetooth dongle works fine in other devices.

I have also noticed that usb remote lags from time to time and even audio via aux sporadically gets silent.

I suspect there might be some malfunctioning with the sbc. Is there a way to diagnose or any idea how to proceed?


Same problem with my N2+ with two different USB BT dongles. I gave up and just got a FLIRC and connected my Harmony hub via IR to the Flirc. It is working flawlessly for more than week.

All USB ports on Odroid N2 are USB3.0 and they are stacked so interference could be a big issue, especially these USB3.0 ports on SBC were never sheilded like they were on laptop/desktops

Did you try to remove all other USB3.0 devices, and wire the BT/remote receiver through a USB2.0 hub/extender cable to keep it away from the onboard USB3.0 ports? This could minimize the interference

A dirty workaround is to plug the receiver always on a USB2.0 hub/extender cable placed far way from the board (30cm should be safe enough)

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