Odroid n2 bluetooth adapter

Box arrived today and am not looking to modify it in any way ‘yet’, just looking to get my setup up and running and stream. Box came with CoreELEC 9.2.O pre installed to emmc. Am just struggling to get my soundbar connected as no blutooth device found message. I use 9.0.3 from an sd card on an android box and soundbar connects as should, apologies as am unable to find the fix for this latest stable build version. Is a bt dongle required to get this connected. Any help is much appreciated and apologies to admins if this has been solved and am asking in the wrong part of the forum, am a linux noob so tia and go easy on me guys:

The Odroid N2 doesn’t have onboard WiFi or bluetooth, so you will need a dongle.
I’d also recommend avoiding bluetooth if audio quality is important. In most modern TVs, you can passthrough the audio from the TV out to the soundbar with an optical cable.

Ok thanks will try a dongle, I thought the usb driver was incorporated into the firmware and is missing from the latest 9.2.0 update?