Odroid N2 boot from external SSD?

Hello everyone,

I am currently running CE 19 on Odroid N2 (not N2+) from MicroSD. There is no eMMC installed on the device.

I want to buy NVMe disk and enclosure and use it as a main storage, so that CE can boot directly from it, without using MicroSD.

I have found only one topic on the forum 3 years ago, from a person struggling with external SSD boot.

How the situation looks now? Anyone booting from external disk?

SSD only usage - ODROID you should read that thread - its a good start ( nevermind M1 board)
getting_started:petitboot:os_installation_using_otg [ODROID Wiki]

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works great for me, faster boot. PVR channel and EPG load times and more snappy in general. i have 3gb video DB in Maria, and changing to SSD had a massive positive impact on kodi search. i just flashed the SSD same as i would an SD on my PC. i had to uppdate petit boot to get it working. i have SSD on on 3 N2 (was 4 until the usb ports died on one of the boxes)

i found best performance using the top USB port closest to the HDMI (the other ports i got occasional freezing requirung power cycle, but rock solid on the top port closest to HDMI) :slight_smile:

i scheduled fstrim --all to run each night in cron after my library updates to keep performace at its best (so the internet told me anyhow)

Been using a ssd usb on my odroid n2 for a few months now,no issues

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