Odroid N2+ case

Will the standard N2 case work with the N2+ board? I can’t find a N2+ case so assume the N2 case will also work, but I hate assumptions.

It mainly a difference in heatsink design so the standard N2 case should work fine.

Though personally I like the look of this case:

Just €16.00



Thanks for that link, way better looking (and finished) case than the Hard Kernel one. I will order one once they come back to me about the case dimensions to fit the cooling fan.

I have literally never seen mine get above 40C with just the heatsink. Cannot see a need for a fan on this bad boy.


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The case is awesome and cheaper than the Khadas VIM3 one I’ve been courting for the last few months.

Fantastic case, I just ordered one. See when/if it arrives :wink:

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@Shoog Ordered one anyway thinking that the increased vent holes in the top will compensate if I cant fit the fan, though I have also ordered a GPIO cover for it too just to pre-empt the pins getting bent.

Case came in and it’s so much better than the default (plastic) one. Awesome !

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My nice postie delivered my case this morning and after fitting it I wanted to make a few observations anyone else interested in this case

The optional fan wont fit this case, however when I had mine in the plastic case with the optional fan it was idling at about 32 - 34 Celsius its now rock steady at 28 Celsius in the KKSB Case

Case Fitting -Odroid N2+

The first step in the fitting instructions is unhelpfully marked Step 4 (IKEA is Swedish too) and needs some explanation when you fit the metal plate onto the standoff posts (with the board upside down and with the side with the IR Receiver and SD Card slot facing you) be aware that when you go to fit the board into the case is that the metal plate you fitted goes under the “flap” that’s on the body of the case which isn’t explained in the instructions.

The M2.5 x 6mm screws mentioned in Step 6 are firstly in the bag for fitting to the N2, secondly they are M2.5 x 4mm screws.


The KKSB case is worth the money, its leaps and bounds better than the stock Odroid plastic case, more attractive, easier to hook up equipment to and runs cooler than the stock case. Its also very well finished with no sharp edges that the Odroid metal case suffers from in the one that I had a close look at.

Instructions could be better, suppliers online tracking by PostNord is useless, a cover for the GPIO pins is a cheap and worthwhile buy.

Switching the System led off “heartbeat” in CoreELEC hardware settings is a very good idea because it will drive you nuts

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“Switching the System led off “heartbeat” in CoreELEC hardware settings is a very good idea because it will drive you nuts”

haha its the first thing i did indeed :wink:

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I guess since I usually use Ubuntu-Wayland over SSD, I feel lost if I don’t see those heartbeats :smiley:

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