Odroid N2+ CE20.1 - negative image


I’ve got an Odroid N2+ running CE20.1 (although I also saw this on CE19.5) connected to a Sony XBR65A8G via HDMI. I used to also have an HD Fury Arcana between the Odroid and TV and never saw the below issues, but recently had to remove the Arcana and since then have had this occur many times - seemingly randomly.

Occasionally and what appears to me to be randomly:

  • everything appears normal, but immediately after pressing “Play” when the show (could be live tv, recorded tv, other) starts the image is “negative”. The corrective action is to press “Stop” and then “Play” again.


  • I’m watching a show and all seems normal, but when I press “Stop” (or the show comes to a “natural” end) - the KODI menu system appears “negative”. The corrective action is to start watching ANYTHING and then immediately press “Stop”.

This is an example of what I mean by “negative” image.

Any ideas how to prevent this?

Limit colour depth in display expert settings to 10 or 8 bit.

Thanks for the fast response - it was set to Auto, so I’ve set it to 10 and we’ll see how that goes.

As noted, it seemed random before (sometimes many times/day - sometimes it doesn’t happen for a week or two).

Hehe…, that’s how “auto” works; it has a mind of it’s own :slight_smile:

Issue re-occured with it set to 10.
I’ve now set it to 8 - we’ll see what happens.

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