Odroid N2+ - CEC Wake up

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I’m trying to setup the CEC for the Odroid. I actually want to disable all the CEC except the Wake up of the Odroid by the Receiver when I select it as a source.

I do not fully understand the difference between these settings and if they are needed for the Wake up by the receiver:

|Streaming Path/Routing Change|
|Active Route|

I do not see any description on the Wiki pages, could you please tell me exactly what they’ll do?
Same for “Send inactive source” , what is the purpose of this and should I use it?

Thanks and have a good day

Wiki should be update soon.

Device OSD Name: custom CEC OSD device name, limited to 14 chars
Wake-Up by auto power on: by user remote press with cmd:
     Power or Power On function or Root menu
     if the TV support it
Wake-Up by streaming path/routing change: when the TV change the streaming routing
Wake-Up by active route: If the device get set as active source by the TV
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Thanks @Portisch :slightly_smiling_face:

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