ODROID-N2 CoreELEC Edition!

Using the N2 with CoreELEC doesn’t really need 4GB of RAM so you can save a little with getting the 2GB version…

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Do you think there are some things that would benefit from 4gb? Maybe android or some retro gaming?

I am trying to do this as cheap as I can, but at the same time would hate to regret it down the road only getting 2gb.

Android could use it if you use more apps in the same time…

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Thanks, figure $10 why not. Now the waiting game.

This looks very temtping but I have two questions:
(1) Remote control. I can see that an IR remote is available for $4. Does the N2 have an inbuilt IR receiver, or is that extra? Or is bluetooth an option?
(2) I am also thinking of buying one for my elderly relatives who live 2 hours away. Once I set it up, is it possible to remotely login in to it for any issues? I am thinking of some app like Teamviewer.

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  1. There is infra receiver built-in but you have to use an external bluetooth if you need it.
  2. You can remotely login using ssh, or vnc (there is a vnc server addon)
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I’m also tempted with the N2. I’d probably go with eMMC though. £100 or so with everything. It’ll be a pretty good step up from an S912 box

Many thanks, exactly the info I needed.

Looks like ameridroid will be the cheaper option for me. Can someone tell me the best eMMC module to get? I was thinking 16GB or 32GB, but they all say they have 150MB/s read and 125MB/s write speed, even the 8GB version. That can’t be right, can it? And what’s the deal with the red dot and green dot on the eMMC modules? What’s the difference?

Also, what’s the recommended Bluetooth dongle to use? I have a couple of CSR 4.0 Bluetooth dongles and I’m wondering if these would work.

The coloured dots on the emmc modules correspond to which os is pre installed on the module. So doesn’t really matter which one if you are planning on installing a different os on them.

The USB 3.0 eMMC Module Writer is a handy tool to get as well since it allows you to easily change the os on the emmc or backup the complete contents of the emmc from your computer. It’s not essential, but well worth having one.

As to which size of emmc to get, I’ve been quite happy with using the 16gb and 32gb modules. The price difference between the 16gb and the 8gb is so small that it’s probably not worth considering the 8gb emmc. Which is as you guessed a bit slower in real world use.

The official hardkernel Bluetooth module is a csr 4.0, so you should have good luck with any other csr 4.0 usb module.

Thanks for the info! I placed the order on ameridroid earlier, but I noticed no taxes included in the final price. Does anyone know if I’ll get hit by big import duties when it gets here? I live in Canada and the import duties is the reason I try to avoid buying anything from the USA. Has anyone from Canada ordered from ameridroid and can give me some idea of how much I will get charged? Thanks in advance.

According to this duty calculator it’s probably around 5%

Just got mine, and holy smokes it’s fast, even with the included SD card. Got a much faster Samsung EVO+ card on the way. Makes my Pi 3B seem like a sluggish fossil in comparison. Love the IR on/off and that glorious Atmos passthrough. Great product, and coreelec is fantastic on it.


I’m in Canada as well. My experience with orders from ameridroid is that out of 4 orders I’ve gotten a bill for the taxes twice. It should be GST only so 5% and if shipped with fedex, fedex also has a $10 fee for collecting the tax.

Is there anyone from Europe who has asked ameridroid ?, is to know the total fees and taxes that would have to pay. In my case, the loss is to Spain. With odroid.uk, the rate goes up to a total of € 120 …

For Spain, you’ll have to pay VAT + 20€ for customs fees…

With odroid.co.uk to Spain there should be no fees.

EU to EU trade is exempt from these kinds of charges.

He was asking about Ameridroid.

It would be 61€ + 15€ shipping + 21% VAT + 20€ of customs fees = 110€
Still cheaper than Odroid UK.

For Spain, the cheaper option is the pack with case and power suply from Antratek for 98€, if you don’t care about the SD and the CoreELEC sticker.

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cdu13a, thanks for pointing that out about the 16gb eMMC. I didn’t realize it was only $2 more. Ameridroid was willing to let me change from 8 to 16gb and pay the difference.

Thanks for the replies everyone. If it’s only 5% that would be fine, but I’ve been burned by duty fees before. Years ago I ordered some network cables from a company in the US and it cost a bit under $50 total. Then when UPS showed up with the package they demanded another $22 for “brokerage fees”, which I thought was ridiculous having to pay a hidden fee that was almost 50% of the original purchase price.

Anyway, I ordered my N2 using Globegistics eCom Packet as the courier. Never heard of this company before, but I think they’re part of USPS. If they try to charge me some ridiculous fee (more than 5-7%) I’m just going to refuse delivery and have them return it to sender.