ODROID-N2 CoreELEC Edition!

We’re happy to announce something very special for our community, ODROID-N2 CoreELEC Edition!

Recently we have been working closely with our friends at Hardkernel to bring CoreELEC pre-installed to one of the most popular devices available right now, the ODROID-N2.

We listened to users views and how you wanted to buy an all-in-one package for your HTPC needs and shared your views and we have been able to arrange an exclusive deal just for the CoreELEC community.

You can now purchase the ODROID-N2 CoreELEC Edition! which includes, a black case, a 12V/2A PSU, a CoreELEC sticker and an 8GB SD-card pre-installed with CoreELEC.

You can choose from the 2GB model at $65 or the 4GB model at $75.

Quantity is limited so grab yours whilst you can!

CoreELEC is not taking any royalties, commission or license fees from Hardkernel, all savings from the promotional package deal is passed directly to users.


Shipping charges: At the HardKernel website, remember to type your country and postcode for the system to give you final shipping cost. It’s usually lower than the $30 default.

$30 USD bank transfer fee and $25 USD shipping to Canada. Hard pass.

PayPal is the way to go. No fee.

I’m a moderator on a surround music forum pushing users to move to Media player playback. The N2 would be a great device but it can’t play Multichannel PCM. Please get that fixed I’d be recommending to all our users!

I want my Sticker :sob::sob:
I’ve just imported mine a few weeks ago… I’m more sad about not getting the sticker than to have not had the discount. :rofl:

Good for unmovable CE use.

why dont use an A2 SD Card? It maximizes performance

Yes, use Paypal to avoid the fee, plus you’ll be protected by Paypal.

For shipping, try to find someone in your area to split the purchase with. Adding a second board only increased the shipping $5 (from 21 to 26), which decreased the per-unit shipping down to 13. Since they don’t charge sales tax here, it was almost a wash, and $78 for everything this includes is an absolute steal.

I would imagine it’s for longevity. The Industrial SD cards survive a lot more read-write cycles. I’ll give the included card a try to see how it performs. If it’s sub-par, you can currently get a SanDisk Extreme A2 64GB card on Amazon for $15, so it’ll be a cheap upgrade.

Hello everybody,

I’m new here. From India, just ordered Odroid N2 Coreelec edition. I’m glad that you guys launched this thing. Just great. Ordered from Ameridroid, not via official HK website as shipping cost was around 15$ higher, in addition to that, I came across 5$ off coupon. So great deal. Final price 77.90$.

Was waiting for Khadas Vim3L earlier. I think N2 is better, isn’t it?

Thanks again

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The VIM3L will be based on S905D3, the N2 is based on S922X. It’s a lot faster.

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Thats definately a winner in terms of price.


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@tinny9 you are correct in that Ameridroid is probably the cheapest way to get the CoreELEC package but maybe not the fastest as they are not shipping until September.

Great price nonetheless and thanks for sharing the discount hint.

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I mailed Odroid UK to ask if they were participating and they replied:

“We will be receiving stock of ODROID CoreELEC Edition next week.
This item will appear on our website shortly - please check tomorrow for further details.”

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Would I loose much performance if going with this setup vs OS installed directly on emmc?

Technically eMMC is always faster than uSD and more reliable, nevertheless CE works very well on uSD. But still I’d recommend eMMC if budget permits, 16+GB is faster than 8GB.

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Boot up and upgrade times are where you notice it most. Loading loads of thumbnails is also noticeably slower on SD.


High speed usb stick(300MB/s~400MB/s)>eMMC(200MB/s)>SD(<100MB/s).

I will not tell U how fast the CE running on a Samsung Bar+ :rofl:

odroid.co.uk bundle deal is now up.

£79.91 for the 2GB bundle vs £85.89 if purchased individually, a £5.98 saving.

odroid.co.uk has always been expensive, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about what price they choose to charge.

It would be cheaper to order from either Hardkernel directly or via Ameridroid with the discount code in my previous post.