Odroid N2 + Coreelec + emulation (and emmc questionl

I still don’t own an N2 yet and I’m just investigating the art of possible.

I was wondering if it’s possible to run emulators direct from coreelec? I have seen the following:

Which seems ideal but also the only option for running from within. All other options see to revolve around dual boot - which is my current problem with my current pi3. I want one os to rule them all making it a cheaper but more usable nvidia shield (as I just want kodi and emulation).

Is this really the only option?

On a side note, for the N2, if I wanted to format the os partitions on the emmc, do I just buy one of these:

The thing that puts me off is the statement on the page “It can’t access the eMMC hidden boot blocks”. What does that mean - no boot volume access?

Yes it is, in fact from within Kodi. There are 2 versions of EmuElec, a stand alone version and an addon version that runs from CoreElec/Kodi. Read this thread for more info.

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Depending on which platforms you wish to emulate CoreELEC has Retroplayer which is part of kodi as well. However it is more limited in which platforms you can emulate and missing the nice menu system that EmuELEC has.

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Hey thanks for that! Great info, I’ll be ordering one shortly!