Odroid N2 Current Software status

Hi Guys,

About to push the button on a N2, and I’ve attempted to trawl through 2500 posts on the current software development status, but would prefer a quick answer if possible. Basically wanting to know the status of x265 HEVC playback, 4k 10 bit playback (HDR10/10+etc), bitstream passthrough (DD, DD+, TrueHD). Not expecting HDR10+/DV at this time but a status update would be great to know. Lucky enough to have a shiny new Panasonic GZ OLED that supports all the formats (highly recommend, picture quality and colour is top notch).

Current running S905X, seems to play HDR ok but I believe it’d be 8 bit not 10 bit (not that I could probably tell the difference!)

Cheers, and good work!

HDR10+ is played as HDR10, it may be fixed later, as we are migrating to a different kernel at the moment.
DV is not supported, and it’s unlikely to ever work.
Everything else works.

Terrific, thank you. Looking forward to the N2.

One more question, will a backup of my current setup (S905X) successfully restore an NG image with the different kernel?

I think it should, but I haven’t tried it personally.

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When I got my N2 after initial install I restored my X92-S912 box backup, removed specific X92 settings and everything worked perfect for me. I still, after 7 moths, use that same installation with many new updates without any problem. Did not have any need to make a new/fresh -ng- installation.

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