ODROID N2+ device NFS to NAS problem

Description of the problem - in the local LAN there are (among others) the following devices:
Device A - NAS, Synology TL918 +, DSM 6.2.3-25426 upd.3, connected to LAN via 2xLAN interface, connected to Bond 1, IP static ( The NAS has NFS enabled.
Device B - KODI device, HW Amlogic S912rev.a, CoreElec 9.2.6 official, Linux 3.14.29, build 18.9.0, IP static ( From device B the NAS is visible via NFS (eg via File manager, add source).
Device C - KODI device, HW Amlogic S922Xrev.c (Hardkernel Odroid N2 +), CoreElec 19.0 9 Matrix, Linux 4.1.113, build 19.0, IP static (

Devices A, B, C are connected in a common managed router.

Ping between A <-> B, A <-> C, B <-> C is OK

Problem - the NAS (dev.A) is not “by NFS” visible from device C (File manager + add source, or a new network source, the connection procedure and settings of the CoreELEC and KODI system are the same as in device B).

Does anyone have any idea what I might try, where could be the source of the problem?

Thanks in advance for any idea.


NFS is typically set up with access permissions based on IP address.

Maybe you need to check the configuration on the server and make sure the IP address is in the list of IP addresses that has permissions to connect?

Another problem could be that you have maxed out the simultaneous number of connections. This is also a server side configuration option. Just increase it.

Other than that, I don’t know.

I found a topic here in the forum that helped me solve this: Ubuntu NFS Server Problem.
It is still true that it is not possible to map a network NFS disk via the Kodi UI, but after applying the modifications as specified in the given topic with the expected NAS network disks available within the HOME folder of the CoreELEC device.

This is probably a actual version of KODI problem and not a CoreELEC or ODROID N2 problem.

In my household I have three LibreElec x86 boxes, and now this one CoreElec Odroid N2+ box.

In all of them I have added my NFS mounts via the GUI, though I do vaguely remember being unable to use the browse feature to do so.

I had to just check the server and manually type the share location in in the GUI menu for it to work.

I confirm that if I write the network NFS address manually in Gui Kodi, then the network resource can be mapped. Browse does not work as part of browsing existing (NFS) network resources.

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