Odroid N2: few seconds delay/hang before playback starts

When I play a video, local or remote, I have to wait for about 4 seconds or longer before it actually starts to play. This is a problem when I play small clips consecutively. It started doing this since a long time, before the 19.0 release.

The GUI just seems to freeze when I give the play command, so it looks like the problem does not occur at the moment my TV is doing a refresh rate change. I have not set any playback delay in CoreELEC itself.

What could be the cause?

Would you be playing .wmv files by chance? As this is a known issue with the proprietary Microsoft format and Linux and there isn’t a fix more so a work around where you convert WMV files to either MP4 or MKV formats by either installing ffmpeg from Entware and running it on the command line to convert the files with whichever example suits you best or if your not so good with command line Linux then download and install Handbrake and use that to convert.

It happens with all video formats and containers I tested; most common are MKV with H.264, but also H.265 or MP4 with H.264 are affected.

At first I thought it was network related, but it also happens from USB storage.

What device are you using and what’s connected to it?

Odroid N2, running CoreELEC from eMMC. It’s connected to a gigabit network with files playing mostly from a Synology DS713+ NAS, over NFS.

Hmm, my first thought about the delay is that its spin up time for the hard drives as I have a similar 3-4 second time lag accessing the drives I don’t use very often and have gone into hibernation, but the fact that its happening on USB too is odd, unless you inadvertently used a USB 2.0 drive in the N2’s USB 3.0 ports.

May be worth turning off “hibernation” on the NAS as a test and see if that’s causing the delay, secondly Synology pushed out a very recent update for that NAS on the 21st of last month to version 6.2.4-25554 and the release notes for that do have a couple of updates in them that could affect network performance.

It’s somehow related to some CoreELEC config. I re-flashed 9.2.6 on my eMMC and things work fine again. Thanks for your support anyway :slight_smile:

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Read my mind, that was going to be my next suggestion :slight_smile:

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