[Odroid N2] HDR10+ passthrough not working


I am running latest Coreelec (stable with the following setup:

Odroid N2 -> Samsung Q90R -> Philips 65OLED804
SDR to HDR -> off
HDR to SDR -> auto

Everything is working flawlessly except one thing:
I am not able to get HDR10+ passthrough to work. Files will only play in normal HDR10.

The Q90R is able to do it and when I am connecting my Odroid directly to the TV, HDR10+ is shown. I tested both HDMI cables individually.

Samsung says of course, it should work and my UHD player is to blame.

So here is the question:
Has someone running a similar setup?
Do I have to change something on my configuration?
Is it working at all?

Please find my log here:

Connecting the Odroid directly to the TV and using ARC for Audio is not an option.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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