Odroid N2 ir power down problem and gpio powerup

Hi, I’m trying to configure remote wakeup functionality, but it’s not working as it should…

I’ve used the ir-keytable -u method trying to use secondary powerbutton on my Panasonic Viera TV - but this is not working at all, used instead (temporary) Yamaha BR remote and one of “not really necessery button” wchich gave me:


applied that to /flash/config.ini and wakeup works with remote, but for powering down not at all.

I’ve connected also a hardware powerbutton thru GPIO added in config:
gpiopower=479 # (pin 11 of J2 header)

Power button works halfway - shuts down odroid but it’s not possible to wake it with button (so now I can switch it off with power button and wake with remote). There is only one issue - after wakeup it is not switching on TV.

CoreElec (19.3 Matrix) is running from uSD card, there is also eMMC card with Ubuntu Mate (dual boot with petitboot) on Ubuntu power button is working “in both directions” (didn’t try yet to implement IR setup, at the moment gpio button is enough there).

Any idea what should I check/change to get both button and IR working “bothways”

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