Odroid n2 no video out after starting a video

hi, i have a very wierd problem. my odroid works like a charm, as long as i dont start a video. this started the last days. as soon as i start a video, i can still hear the audio but the video signal is gone. my tv shows “no signal” and i see only the default image of the tv.
so i am wondering if this could be a hardware problem or not.
what i tried is to delete /storage and reboot, next would be to change the hdmi cable.
any other idea what i could do?

edit: connected the odroid to the marantz, and it works. so its a avr problem >:(
edit #2: i found the concrete problem. the video out in the marantz was set to extended on that port, but it was always extended. i set it now to standard and it works. funny tho, all the other hdmi outs are also set to extended. i checked those only once a few days ago and changed it to extended 8k only to see what the help shows, but set it back to extended. i guess they are all at “standard/default” but displayed as extended. and when one changes them and set it back to extended, it is really extended and not default - and then video out dies on playback.

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