Odroid N2 OLED I2C / SPI driver

Ok, so it’s definitely bus 1 and the pins should be 3 and 5,have you gone into the add-on setting and made sure the Display Type is set to the correct chipset and that the I2C address is correct.

Yes Pin 3 and 5. Don’t know if the I2C address is correct because the output of i2cdetect -y 1 is so strange. I didn’t change the address in the addon

There are only 2 addresses so try both :slight_smile:

You haven’t by any chance previously used the OpenVFD add-on and config have you?

If so try uninstalling OpenVFD and remove the vfd.conf file from /storage/.config and then reboot the board.

No didn’t try openvfd and the file isn’t there.

I checked with multimeter. 5v is there also it couldn’t be a faulty line. I had ordered 3 of the sd1306 I will try another one…

Ok, but looking at the error and the fact that i2cdetect reports multiple devices connected that clearly aren’t then I’d say it more likely a dtb issue.

Just to double check you haven’t got the clock and data lines the wrong way have you?

yes had checked already.


CoreELEC:~ # cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id

Ok, well looking at the internet the 2 most common causes of i2cdetect reporting all addresses in use are clock and data lines mixed up, which you’ve checked and something at startup setting the I2C data line as a general purpose output and pulling to low.


mount -o remount,rw /flash
cd /flash

and post the content of boot.ini and config.ini to pastebin or another site.

boot.ini http://ix.io/1TVn
config.ini http://ix.io/1TVo

One question. I don’t have a file /etc/modules with content aml_i2c like in other howtos. Does this make a difference?

This page:- https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-c2/application_note/gpio/i2c

Mentions having to load the I2C driver using modprobe aml_i2c

Yes I read this also but:

CoreELEC:/ # modprobe aml_i2c
modprobe: FATAL: Module aml_i2c not found in directory /lib/modules/3.14.29

From dmesg:
[ 0.051117@0] aml-i2c c1108500.i2c: add adapter aml_i2c_adap1(ffffffc06508a0e0)

Seems the needed aml_i2c isn’t loaded correct on c2 coreelec version?

Sorry, I’m out of ideas then :frowning:

Ok. Thank you a lot for your time and your help. Will make a break and look later again what I can found.

Edit: Oh and here also from dmesg:
[ 0.047325@0] aml_i2c version: 20140813

That means aml_i2c is loaded or?

So bad. It’s working width your second version. 2 Pins wasn’t compleatly plugged in and I found it as I tried another display.

Sorry for taken time width false errors but now display is working. Really really nice and great work from you. Thanks again.

One thing I’d like to ask. My TV is 4 meters away and I had the big 128x64 0.96" oled but over this distance its hard to read. Can you make the clock a little bit bigger? Perhabs you could make a setting when switch of the symbols (I don’t need them because this you really can’t read over this distance) that the others will get bigger? Where I can donate? :smiley:

Lol… No problems, most times it ends up being the simplest of things, glad you got it sorted.

Yep, I also had no real need for the icons and wanted a bigger font so I created a stripped down version of the add-on with just the time / playtime and a larger font.

Try this:- service.odroidn2.oled_verison2.zip (157.9 KB)

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Great. I see left and rigth a little space. You think you can make it a little bit more bigger?

The playtimebar btw I found really useful.

I would try myself but I read over you code and I don’t really understand how I can make it bigger for myself…

Here’s a version with the progress bar added back in:- service.odroidn2.oled_vesrion2_progress.zip (158.1 KB)

No, the complete playback time string 0:00:00 is exactly 128 pixels wide the same as the display, so making it bigger is not possible.

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Cool, will try.

No I mean the clock bigger.

That would require adding a separate completely new bigger font set to the add-on which just isn’t worth it.

If you want bigger then buy a bigger oled display:-

1.3" oled - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-3-OLED-LCD-Display-Module-IIC-I2C-Interface-128x64-3-5V-For-Arduino-VI/383096817892
2.4" oled - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-4-128x64-OLED-Display-Module-IIC-I2C-SPI-Serial-Arduino-R3-51-STM32-SSD1309/263772563361

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