Odroid N2 OLED I2C / SPI driver

Odroid N2 Oled Driver v0.1 has been released.

Source code
Release Page

Updated to add SPI support for the 2.42" Oled.

This addon is in no way connected to OpenVFD and does not require OpenVFD to work, if you already have a vfd.conf file that is setup for the N2 then please remove it.

This addon has so far only been tested by me so I expect there are still plenty of bugs to squash :smiley: If you play a file, audio or video and don’t see the expected icons displayed then please post a Kodi log so I can see whats missing and add it.


I get ‘This video is unavailable.’

Have you done something to piss-off the self-appointed gods of the universe?

Try it now :slight_smile:

You have propitiated the appropriate deities.

The demo is cool. Are you going to use a smaller display or print a custom case to mount this one?
Good proof of concept, in any case.
Is this an all-new addon or a slightly modified existing one?

The display is 1.3" you can get a smaller 128x64 0.91" version or it would also work with a 128x32 0.91" display which is even smaller, as long as the oled uses either the SSD1306 or SH1106 controller chip and has an I2C interface.

Here’s the 3 most commonly available oled sizes:-

It’s an all new addon, that is basically a simple SSD1306/SH1106 driver written in python.


But OpenVFD supports OLEDs like those.
Check out this thread:

Would N2 support just require config of the correct pins or are more code changes required?

Would you assume that configuration of the appropriate pin numbers or labels would be sufficient to make the OpenVFD work on an N2? More code changes required?

To be honest I haven’t tried it on the N2 yet, but yeah, the driver should work fine on the new kernel, all it needs is the right vfd.conf file.

Yep, I was aware openVFD supported oled’s with the SSD1306/SH1106 chipset however after trying every conf file on every oled I own on both I2C ports of my N2 nothing worked :frowning:

Turns out it was easier to just write my own SSD1306/SH1106 driver :smiley: That way I get much more control over what gets displayed and can use custom fonts / gfx. For instance the video shows a basic 5x7 dot matrix font but here’s a custom 7 segment font:-

That’s fine with me, but all you needed is to map the correct SDA/SCL pins to the N2.
The conf files haven’t been updated for the N2 yet, but it shouldn’t be too hard. The OpenVFD driver doesn’t use I2C hardware, since it aims to be generic and work on any device.
Either way what you’ve made is nice and configurable, so that’s cool too.

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Added video/audio information including HDR status and a progress bar.


Nice. I didn’t want any display until now, but seeing this… :slight_smile:

That’s nice! :heart_eyes:

Same here. Think I will attach a display too.

Me too. I hadn’t even thought about it. How would you go about mounting this? Just tape it to the TV stand or something?

My TV is mounted on the Wall with the N2 behind it. I was thinking of fixing it slightly beneath the TV on wall. But I’d like to have a slightly bigger screen.

One thing is holding me back, I don’t like a display with hanging wires, so I’m thinking about a 3D printed case as a possible solution. I made a lot of nice touchscreen keypad for my smart home in the last few years but they ended in my drawer because I couldn’t make a nice case for them. I saw a guy at the odroid forum who makes 3D models for the N2 maybe he can help.

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