Odroid N2, Picture to dark


in the chain Odroid N2 - Pioneer LX901 (AVR) - Samsung GQ75Q70R (TV) I habe a problem with the color space. HDR movies do get recognized yes, but the black level is to dark (in menu and every movie I play, so generally). My AVR Video-Info Stream analyses 4:4:4 30 bit Video Streams.
With my old Full-HD TV the color space was fine, HDR got converted, menus etc had been shown in the correct color space.
Where is the problem and how can I solve it? A friend of mine has the same problem with Mecool M8S and Q60R TV when I remember correctly.
The color switches in the CoreElec settings dont change anything.

Thanks and regards,

What is the situation if you connect the N2 directly to the TV, bypassing the AVR?

right now I am not sure if the problem still exists :slight_smile: Funny thing. A day later it looked properly. If I think its to dark again I will connect directly und see the results…but: My AVR doesnt change anything, I can count on that. It is fit for all colormodes and resolutions etc.