Odroid N2 Problem booting CE-20 on SD Card

Hi @all, i have a strange Problem with booting from SD card. Since 1,5 Years I only boot from Emmc with all nightly versions of CE. Before that I used SD Card. Now I wanted to try the nightly 20.0 from CE for testing from SD Card. But N2 won’t boot from SD Card. Tried 5 different Cards (new ones and old ones) but he never boots. Took my 2nd Emmc from my N2+ and this works. Anyone a idea?!

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you changed the switch (i think to the left position) you might have to try different petit boot versions. Don’t personally use dual boot, but i read some issues with some versions.

No I won’t dual boot, I take out Emmc and don’t touch the switch (right position) then put in sd card, power up but it won’t boot CE. I did for error checking clone the sd card to emmc and the emmc boots—… but not the SD card . It’s really strange…

Not sure, but try the same with switch set to the left

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