Odroid N2 stable or nightly?

Hey there,
I’m expecting my Odroid N2 2GB to be delivered tomorrow. From what I read, the stable release now supports the N2, as well as there are testing / nightly releases.
Right now I just need something to play HDR and passthrough Atmos, I dont really have time to experiment a lot at the moment, so which one should I install?

If you don’t have time to experiment then install stable release.

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A good rule to follow is to always try the stable build first.

If you find a problem that you can’t live with in the stable build check the forum to see if there is any easy fix/work around/mention of the problem. Then try the nightly build. If you find the problem is in both stable and nightly and have checked the forum for any mention of the problem then open a new thread with all the related details to the problem in the correct category for your problem on the forum to ask for help and to let the developers know there is a problem.