Odroid-N2 strange lags with iptv (hls, m3u8)

Hello. I’m having strange problems with playing hls m3u8 iptv after upgrading to 19.x version. I’m using coreelec on odroid-n2.

From time to time I can observe following situation: sound continue playing normal while video freezes for a few seconds. After that video is playing with 2x speed until it is in synchro with sound.

I have also odroid-c2 box with 9.2.7 coreelec onboard and I have no such problems with it at the same time.

It seems that there is some strange ‘activity’ during start of new segment and this leads to such video freezes. I will appreciate if someone will point to me how to start investigating this problem. I’m a developer also, but coreelec/kodi is a little bit complex :slight_smile:

Maybe related to this?

I defenitely should check this. But problem was introduced since 19.0 at my place.
Will be waiting for nightly with this fix :slight_smile:

You should enable kodi debug logging any check the log file.

Thanks for your help. I will do and will report if I will find something!

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