Odroid N2 stuck at CoreELEC logo

My box has been working flawlessly for years, except for one random issue I could not solve, until today. I’d like to share the resolution in the event someone else goes through this issue, in the future.

After a random reboot, I’ve been experiencing a problem where my personal Kodi build/Skin would not load. All that would appear on the screen was the CoreELEC logo and nothing else. I knew the issue was with the GUI not loading properly as I was able to access files via samba and ssh with no problems.

Please note, I experienced this problem using Stable versions and Nightly versions of CoreELEC to no avail. Kodi would work fine for a few days and then suddenly, after a random reboot, the issue would reappear.

The culprit for sure was my custom Skin - Xonfluence. The problem would NOT happen when using the default Kodi skin as I tested this theory for weeks.

After reviewing the Kodi logs, I noticed the following error:
SQL: [Textures13.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such table: version)

Somehow, my Textures13.db file (located in .Kodi/userdata/Database) is being corrupted.
Simply deleting this file and rebooting CoreELEC solved my boot issue.

Now, I have to look further into what’s corrupting the file in the first place. Could it be my cache cleaner set to run on each boot? Will report further findings…

Had the same problem after rebooting after a backup. I routinely delete Thumbnails and Textures13.db when doing this.

It turns out that Kodi had recreated the Textures13.db file as expected but it didn’t like it. Using an SD install, I was able to see the EEMC and delete the file. Upon reboot, the file was recreated successfully this time and Kodi started. I went "Phew’.

(N2+ running Aeon Tajo.)

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