Odroid N2 suddenly 4k output problems

Hi! I´ve been using my N2 @4k 50hz for several months, and lately even with 60hz. It has worked fine. Yesterday picture started tearing and have distortion. Picture might be good if still picture (menu) is displayed, but even moving in menu brings problems. 1080p 60hz works without problem. I even bought new hdmi-cable (capable of 4k 120hz or 8k), but it´s not helping.

My system is Denon AVR and TCL 98" TV. With Sony bluray-player connected to Denon there´s no problem with 4k@60hz picture.

Any idea´s what is wrong and how to fix this?


Is the picture OK when you connect N2 directly to TCL TV?

Have to try connect directly to TCL tomorrow. However, this cannot be permanent solution. I guess it cannot be hdmi-cable problem between TV and AVR because Blurayplayer works ok. I haven´t also done any changes to my systems lately, so this problem came out of nowhere.

It’s just a suggestion to investigate, so you can rule out your AV receiver; also if possible, I’d try with a different/more powerful power adapter.
Also trying different HDMI inputs sometimes help identify the problem; did you try the HDMI input on your AV receiver to which your BD player is now connected?

Tested resetting settings (both hard and soft-reset), and it did help. After reset 4k60hz worked just fine. After restoring backup I unchecked Disable GUI scaling setting, and problem seems fixed. If that setting is on, problems come back. Strangely system worked with it on at least three months.

Any suggestions for more powerful PSU? Any 12V 4A PSU with suitable connector?

I´m now using the stock one shipped with my N2.

Strange, on my N2 I have this option always checked, although it says in description: however some devices may have issues with this option being set
For PSU use any brand type with adequate connector for N2:
“Connector specification : inner(positive) diameter 2.1mm and outer(negative) diameter 5.5mm”. Or buy any suitable 12V/4A one and use the cable from stock PSU, as I did :slight_smile:

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