Odroid N2 test builds

@Daaave this is your third or fourth time reporting this issue, as I said before it will be looked into.

We are not blind to issues when people report them.

There was an important update. Ray had previously said it might be to do with Crazycat and I was informing him that the Media Build drivers do the same thing. I didn’t want him to waste time looking at Crazycat specifically.

I am well aware how busy you all are, just didn’t want anyone wasting time looking in the wrong direction on this.

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All good here. People want a working device. I can understand that

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We already know what the issue is, it’s just getting the time to get round to addressing it.

Fixing issues and testing changes is very time consuming.

Ok sry. Just trying to be helpful.


An example of what I was talking about in the post above. I snapped a paused picture of the same source video file playing on my PC (first) then on my Sony Bravia X90F UHD via N2 (second) There is something very wrong with the rendering as Alan Partridge has turned into a cartoon character. My S905 Wetek Hub has no such trouble running CE. Seems like some kind of smoothing or low bit CD remapping is happening. The input settings on the Sony are the same as per Wetek Hub, but I also ensured any such processing was turned off.

Not sure how I can “troubleshoot” this, maybe its a CD/CS issue - happy to provide any details and run any tests that may assist!

Send a sample of this scene. I don’t have any cartoon effects.

It looks like an edge enhancer, sharpener effect, see the line around the contour of the body and also like a very strong noise reduction. Are you sure it is not the tv?

echo 0 > /sys/module/di/parameters/nr2_en

This will disable Noise Reduction.

This fixes both the cartoon and the avatar decoding issues for me.

echo 0 > /sys/module/amvideo/parameters/sr0_sr1_refresh

Thanks all I will test these 2 suggests ASAP! On Aussie time here so off to work.

When using suspend when tv powers off, is it possible to make kodi wait for network before starting?
My epg don’t populate when I resume. Im using hdhomerun and I have to use the setting wait for network before starting kodi for the epg to populate correctly.

This makes the scaling of 480p videos incorrect. I see two copies of the video at the top of the screen line a 3d sbs video with bottom half of the screen empty. Although, other videos such as 720p and 1080p appear much better with the unnecessary sharpness removed.
echo 0 > /sys/module/amvideo/parameters/sr0_sr1_refresh
@Ray @Pelican @TheCoolest any ideas how to remove the sharpness (edge enhancement) from the videos. This does not happen at 4k. Only at 1080p. You can especially see it on tv calibration videos used to set black and white levels. There command above removes the sharpness but causes incorrect scaling of 480p videos.

Only workaround I know of is add 480 to your whitelist and leave TV scale.

I have yet to see a sample with the cartoon effect. The color bleeding is in 3.14 too for some HEVC videos and it is minor to notice.

Which is the proper way anyway. I can confirm that when you blacklist 480p the same half screen issue happens.
I will look into this half screen issue. But everyone agrees that the so called cartoon effect is gone with this sysfs change?

Here is the sample I used. Focus on greengage on beach and behind it in HW vs SW.

bn10_copy.mkv (1.1 MB)

Video is too short. Can’t even push pause fast enough.

First thing i noticed when i played first Movie/TV File.
I only have 1080p/i TV
I’ve not had enough time to test further but one Legal Sports Subscription Add-On has no audio. See Screenshot. It may be the 32,000 Hz . I played another with 48,000 Hz earlier today and audio was fine.

I fixed it:


super_scaler needs to be off.

Thanks @supersnail for the hints.

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