Odroid N2 test builds


We have uploaded our test builds for the Odroid N2 and these can be downloaded here.

What works:

  • Booting from eMMC/SD
  • DVB (USB only)
  • Hardware decoding
  • HDR (HDR10 and HLG formats)
  • Network
  • Sound - (including passthrough)

What doesn’t work:

What still has issues:

This thread should be used ONLY for feedback on these images to help us improve them.
Before reporting any issues, make sure that you are using the latest test image available.

Any off-topic posts are subject to deletion.

Disclaimer: DO NOT attempt to install these images on any other device, as doing that will brick your device.


The Future: Odroid N2
CoreELEC now supports Odroid N2 (S922X)


Build 1555226781 - 14-Apr-2019 07:29

  • Added automatic color space and color depth switching, color depth will always be set to the highest possible option, regardless of the content type
  • Enable native 4K GUI (disabled upscaling the GUI from 1080P)
  • Fix DD+ passthrough at 4K - may still have issues with some equipment/refresh rates
  • HEVC playback workaround is now enabled by default
  • Added a setting for controlling HDR to SDR tone mapping functionality, default behavior is unchanged - Auto
  • Improved description of setting for controlling SDR to HDR tone mapping functionality (we recommend to keep it Off)
  • Fix kernel log spam when CEC is disabled

Build 1554893566 - 10-Apr-2019 10:55

  • Fixed subtitle stutter
  • Fixed high power consumption when device is turned off (USB is now turned off)
  • Automatic update is always on (temporarily until Beta)

Build 1554639185 - 07-Apr-2019 13:04

  • Fixed white audio noise issue, you can now set Keep audio alive to Off
  • Fixed Shutdown on CEC wakeup
  • Added “Enable HEVC seek workaround” (CoreELEC System Settings menu)

Build 1554489028 - 05-Apr-2019 19:42

  • First public CoreELEC Alpha build for Odroid N2


So, it’s not only S912 problem… Can it be “fixed” like in S912 via advancedsettings.xml?
I ask because if not, it’s pretty useless to me since I depend on the subtitles.
Does it stutter only with hardware decoding, like S912, or is it manifested also with software decoding?



I was the one who brought this issue up, and we haven’t had time to really look at this subs problem yet. We hope it’s something we can fix in Kodi.



Didn’t know this was an issue when I ordered the N2, I also have subtitles on everything I watch, really hope you could move this issue up the list. Crossing fingers it can be done.



We are not sure whether or not it is a pebkac issue or a problem with certain encodes as not everybody has come across this issue.

You can see from the video I have posted that no such issue exists.



Those look like image based subs, TheCoolest mention those might not have issues.
99% of my library is .srt text subs.



We are talking about a completely new device and kernel.
The team works around the clock to solve all problems, and I’m very sure, that the subtitle problem will be adressed, too.
But always keep in mind, that these are still alpha builds. You can’t expect it to work without any problems at this stage, although most of the devs already use it as their daily driver.

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I do understand and very much appreciate the work the team are doing, I was just expressing my concerns that might came out the wrong way that wasn’t my intention, I maybe not even have the problem we will find out next week when I receive the N2, thanks…



No @TheCoolest is having issues with image/picture based subs, the above video was srt/text based subs.

We will know more when more people start receiving their orders and can help us with debugging as we are likely to see many more issues arise in the coming days.



I’d also like to add that I’m using subs 99% of the time and I don’t have stutters with subs either. I’m using mkv embedded subs and also external subs. Still there is also the chance that there is some issue with certain content. We will fix it like we always do if there is an issue so there is no need to panic.

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I was going to ask whether it makes a difference if they are embedded. I use mkvmerge to mux all mine then everything is in one file.



Subs are always on here(both internal and external depending on content), since the girlfriend has some issues hearing, and I have yet to see issues with sub titles on the N2 with any of my test builds.



I did a clean install of the latest image and it seems that the subs issue is not that severe and perhaps even normal now (I rarely use subs) for CE and other JEOS platforms.



Can you try this sample?



I can try it tomorrow night.
My current conclusion is this:
There’s a very slight stutter when subs disappear, only saw it on text sub, PGS seemed fine to me.
If you don’t pay attention, or aren’t sensitive to this, you’ll probably not even notice.
With the debug OSD open, there’s no stutter at all. We’ll investigate it further, but currently I think my original statement was more than a bit exaggerated.



This was not an issue with my NVIDIA Shield UNTIL LEIA update.
Bringing up OSD is shocking momentary stutter and so is subtitles.
Let’s just wait and see.
Let’s all remember that Leia still has issues in its current releases.
Everything that may seem a CoreELEC issue may actually be a Kodi Issue.



Just tried your sample file on N2,I didn’t see noticeable stutter.



Live tv, When I brought out channel list, and selecting channels, I saw the noticeable micro stutter on odroid N2.



That is the same behaviour as on S912. With any overlay on the screen there is no stutter…