Odroid n2 vs GT-king vs s912 picture quality questions

You don’t have to run anything not related to a “media player”, just run some movie format in 1080p that cannot be hardware decoded for half hour, and then check the temp.

Btw, it’s perfectly normal and expected that hardware decoded materiel will not raise CPU temp, like software decoding is. Play any Netflix 1080p via inputstream.adaptive or something like this “Senryuu Shoujo H264-10bit_Hi10p.mkv” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Maybe you misunderstood me, what I’m saying is running SW decoded videos raises temp to 70°C, like Netflix addon. In fact I think the King is a good media box, even better with Coreelec I bet. Just needed better cooling.

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For a test, I am running Back to the Future 2, which is encoded with VC-1 video. These Amlogic boxes will NOT play that format without stutter, multiple frame skipping, etc. I am using Superceleron’s ATV port on this Beelink GT-King. My TV is a Samsung 4k (non HDR) and my AVR is a mid-range Yamaha.

Because all of my boxes running on an Amlogic SoC ( I have many), cannot play the VC-1 codec, I use Emby client, because the Emby server does the transcoding.

To test the temp range, I am using Kodi 18 with the Emby skin (it does NOT do any transcoding). I am playing Back to the Future 2 for about half and hour, and the temp is hovering around 61 to 62C. The ambient temp is around 23C (73f). The stats show "Video decoder: amc-VC1(S)(HW)

Edit: By rapidly scrolling through home videos and pics, got it to get up to 72C and holding at 70C.

Edit: As long as I stayed in Kodi (about 5 minutes), the temp hovered between 70C and 71C. As soon as I exited Kodi, to the main Android home screen, the temp immediately dropped to 60C, then down to 55C. If I check it again, in half an hour, it should be in the 40’s.

Unlike my Amlogic S912 boxes that hit 100C or more, this temp does not bother me.

Of course, when the dev’s on here create CoreELEC port for the “King”, everything I have will be hardware decoded, so the temps should stay well in acceptable range for me.

These are just my 2cents.

It’s fake. :slight_smile:
Nothing is there.

This is more realistic, and pretty close to my Chinese boxes. Watching a Netflix (SW decoded 1080p with subtitles) movie for 2 hours rises the temp on them to 75-78°C. That is 20-25°C hotter than my N2 in the same environment.

On top!

Maybe it helps if you substitute for this one

Well i would hate to see you get to far ahead of yourself as real hardware decoding is still out there in the future, ya i realize theres been some progress made in both the lima and panfrost projects but truly usable drivers for the full range of what these boxes require is not a reality yet.

It would probably help but without some improvement to airflow (vents and a fan) it might be less than you might hope.
It amazes me that these boxes have no vents, hot air build up will probably add 30% to the temp.


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Vents in 2019? :laughing: For a media box…

lol good one

If I understand correctly 4K and 1080p remux x264/265 files would be hardware not software decoded and therefore temps would not be a issue? I don’t use it for Netflix my tv has Netflix built in which works flawlessly and I don’t think I have any media that uses sw decoding

For me its an esthetic issue as much as anything, why put out a product which doesn’t respect thermal issues. As a media player it might all be marginal - but these are android boxes which can run 3d games and in that scenario the lack of cooling will be a significant issue and will impact performance. Why would you cripple your product for the price of a few cents.


Personally, I cringe at the thought of active cooling. My desktop computer has several fans, I have to take it apart and clean it every 6 months. My NAS’s suck in all kinds of dust, same as my PS3, my old Xbox 360 that died probably from dust, and my Nintendo Wii. When I open those devices, which is rarely, the intakes are usually plugged with dust, so not being cooled at all. Even my Vorke V2 has a fan, but I have never opened it up to see if the fan is plugged with dust.

Agree, hate fans, they make noise and get things dirty fast. Always nice to avoid them when possible. Unfortunately too many consumer electronics utilize them unnecessarily. I’ve de-fanned or greatly reduced fan speed on various consumer products.

Well that’s a great argument for the N2 and its massive passive cooler. However a 12v fan run at 5v is usually adequate and perfectly silent.


GT King 64GB internal storage will not be supported in CE so there is no point comparing it for N2 64G emmc.
So basically you can compare N2 with SD card vs. GT King with SD card.

Will it not be possible to boot from sd card but use internal storage for storage partition?
If it is I’d say that’s better than an internal install anyway for most boxes (in that it’s hard to brick).
Edit: for me at least 64GB is way more than I need though. I’d compare prices with an N2 with 16GB (also more than I’ll need).

Internal storage will not be supported. SD or USB only.

That wasn’t really my question thougfh. Internal storage isn’t supported on my s905 boxes but I can still use it by renaming the data partition (or by using installtointernal for those)…
Like this:
Is there any reason that won’t be possible on the gt-king?

Who knows if it works or not. But we will not support or add installtointernal. It is a can of worms that is only causing trouble.