Odroid n2 vs GT-king vs s912 picture quality questions

I’m not talking about installtointernal - I don’t know how I can make that clearer.

You said “or by using installtointernal”.
Anyway what I’m saying is that screwing with internal storage will brick your device.

No. I said I have both options on my S905. I asked about the method I linked to.
The method I linked to has been discussed at length, and I haven’t seen any suggestions that it’s bricked devices.
Does the s922x look for a label for the storage partition (ie same as s905 etc and libreelec)?

It will not boot. You will brick your device.

Five minutes ago it was ‘Who knows if it works or not.’ Now it’ll brick.
This is like getting blood from a stone. I give up.

You asked for a short answer to your question. There it is. GT King build is not available yet. But you are free to ignore my warnings.

There isn’t an answer to my question. The question was about whether coreelec looks for a label for the storage partition.
I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask the question - the boot from sd/ use internal storage is a well-documented and widely-recommended method - but I don’t feel as though I’ve had a straight answer. Fortunately I’m not in a rush.

Beelink build is not finalized yet. I can tell you definitely that when you use installtointernal it will brick your device! As for your other method I’m not sure yet.l, I’d have to try. But I’m not even sure the internal storage will work with Beelink in CoreELEC kernel. Recently not even SD was working.

I wasn’t aware install to internal would not be available on the gt-king… to install to the Emmc on the N2 could I boot from sd then run the installtointernal command or would I need to purchase the usb to emmc adapter to write to it from my laptop?

You get an Emmc to micro SD adapter with the Emmc module. You just need a (micro) SD card reader.

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You can install from sd but the script name is installtoemmc.

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Ok Thanks!

GT-king support is still a work in progress, so somethings could change.

However one thing to note if the developers say something will brick the device, that is coming from experience. Several of us have already had to go through the process of unbricking the device, it’s a pain in the ass to do, and we would not want the users to have to go through that so we won’t support any option that has a high probability of bricking the device.

I can concur with @cdu13a and @Ray.

I was the first person to brick the GT-King and I had to go through the hassle of trying to find 2 spots on the board to short out the eMMC because the pins for it are not exposed and I had a few moments where the board sparked followed by a burning smell and I’m surprised it is even still working for me.

When we asked Beelink for the schematic and which spots on the board to bridge to short the eMMC then they sent us information relating to the v2.0 board whilst all of us had been supplied with v2.1 boards and so we had to just trial and error with it until we eventually found a spot that works.

The issue with the eMMC and why installtointernal does not work is due to the fact that the block devices for the various Amlogic partitions are not created and so they can not be mounted from CE, this is probably due to the fact we use the bsp kernel rather than the Android kernel as we did in 3.14.

Time is restricted for most of us at the moment and getting everything else working to a good standard is far more of a priority.


Something to be said for the N2 being brick proof, short of hitting it with a hammer.