Odroid N2 with Android 9 and CoreElec

Hello, I will soon buy an Odroid N2 CE Edition.
In this edition, a 16GB MicroSD card is installed with CoreElec.

  1. What about Android 9, is it already installed?
  2. Do I have to install Android separately?
  3. Can I choose which system to use when booting?
  4. Can I define Android or CE as default?
  5. In which memory comes which system?

Please answer point by point.

Would be very grateful for your help.

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes with petitboot
  4. Yes in petitboot
  5. You only receive an SD-card with CoreELEC pre-installed, an eMMC for Android has to be purchased separately unless you install it on another SD-card.

OK thanks.
What is the best way?

CE - - > SD Card, Android - - >eMMC
or CE–>eMMC, Android - - >SD card

CE - - > SD Card, Android - - >eMMC would be best.

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Thank you for your answers.

  1. I have to write CoreElec as usual on the SD card?
  2. How do I have to write Android 9 on eMMC?
  3. How do I install Petitboot?
  4. Can I choose what I want to boot with an infrared remote control on the bootloader or do I need a keyboard for it?
  5. Can I update each system individually or are there restrictions here?

Ask for help point by point.

Many thanks.

Questions to be asked on the Odroid forums really.


see here:

The only observation I would make is:

  • the original version of petitboot is not compatible with CE as it doesn’t support windows partitions
    -later versions of petitboot may not support your TV’s native screen resolution and will have unreadable text

My conclusion is that petitboot is still a work in progress and its far easier to simply use the preinstalled CE SD and that is the only format that CE offers support for.


Can you write me a little HowTo?
I would be infinitely grateful.

Thank you

Is it also possible to take a USB 3.0 stick instead of eMMC?
For the CE Edition, CoreElec is preinstalled on the mSD. I want to install Android on the USB stick.
When starting I want to be able to select between Android and CE.
Naturally CoreElec should serve as standard.

I do not know how it works with Petitboot. I’m not so good at English either.
Maybe someone would be willing to help me.

Many thanks

Yes you can use a USB stick instead of using a eMMC when booting via Petitboot.
But booting via Petitboot is slower than booting direclty off the eMMC.

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What’s your configuration?
USB and SD?

nope, usb and eMMC

Can I also install on USB CoreElec and on SD Android?

yes, you can

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Is this the same procedure as with eMMC and SD card?
And it works with Petitboot?

do you use etcher to flash image to memory? then yes.

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I have always used IMAGE2USB or Etcher or Libreelec installer.
I have to use Etcher for full compatibility?
For CoreElec on USB or SD card also Etcher?
Same for Android on USB or SD card Etcher?

Of course I would prefer either Android on USB and CoreElec on SD, or the other way around.

I have to say that I have no eMMC at home. That’s why I wanted to use a USB 3.0 64GB for (Android, CoreElec) and mSD for (CoreElec, Android).

What do you mean. What’s better.