Odroid N2Plus how to suspend/resume power on/off

At the moment I have Odroid N2Plus booting up when I switch to the input on my AVR, so it must be getting some sort of CEC wake up or start commend that its responding to.

I recently got a G30 air remote but cant work out how to get it to suspend/resume or power on/off with the remote , is this possible at all?


I don’t see any setting in CEC settings for “active route”.

I enabled hardkernal IR wakeup code but still doesn’t power on via remote , maybe because the G30 is an air remote with a USB dongle thing? Pretty sure it has IR as well.

You can easily check if your remote has working IR with a phone camera.


Good tip yes definitely has IR

ok found “active route” was looking in wrong spot, thanks

But still won’t power on via remote, will power off fine though.

Edit: realise this G30 remote allows you to switch between 2.4g mode and IR , 2.4g remote mode works (not to power on) but IR mode doesn’t so need to work that out first.

Do I need to copy of a remote config or something?

What does the active route setting actually do?

In the end I just decided to turn it on off via HDMI CEC, works fine, G30 remote is great once its booted up in 2.4G mode instead of IR.

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