[OffTopic] Amlogic s922X (DreamOne 4k/UHD Hardware with Dual DVB-S2x Tuners)

Dear all,

I would like to thank Matthias for his support and I really hope to find a way to compile and fix my two problems on OpenPLi firmware for the s922X with your help and tips.

I own the hardware below (expensive hardware but fun as it has 2 x DVB-S2x), see photos and I successfully compiled the March OpenPLi firmware for it that included the AMLogic code (the amldecoder.cpp/amldecoder.h files with the modifications in the demux.cpp/demux.h/dvb.cpp files). The box has 2 tuners DVB-S2X that are fully working and recognized (I can stream the Satellite thru the OpenWebInterface software link into VLC on PC).

Front Board and Back Board on link below,

You can download the latest compilation here (tar.gz file so easy to browse into the files of the firmware), File openpli-enigma2-7star-dreamone.rootfs.tar.gz, using the recipes files found libamadec_0.2.bb, libamavutils_0.2.bb, libamcodec_0.2.bb.

The Kernel 4.9 source code, linux-meson64-v4.9.113-641418-g801f1756601e.tar.xz

and extra source code (included on OpenPLi and drivers, etc), Mali_s922X.rar.

All source code links and photos : https://mega.nz/#!gfAklIzb!dRuVhnQ6YgCChxnnNCOMtkndTghTEH7UKeQfrjEFouE

As today the box shows No Signal if on the Channel there is no antenna but shows black screen if the antenna is there giving the Signal level and EPG data of the Channel, so the Tuner works great. I can stream from the box the video to a PC VLC software and can watch the Satellite Channels.

The two issues I have are :

  1. On the TV the HDMI gives no output (but the hardware-TVScreen works as tested with other firmwares from DMM/Emanuel)

  2. The Video ouput is a black screen in the GUI (but the tuner gives data as described below), I can see the OpenPLi GUI on the WebInterface screenshots, and the “Picture” is black but EPG gives good data, program descriptions, etc.

I successfully compiled the OpenPLi 7.1 with March recipes, and you have the firmware on link to download (you can browse the tar.gz file).

So, as you understood I would like to fix the Video issue (linked to the GUI that doesn’t get it from the AmLogic s922X chip), and the HDMI to really work.

Any help is welcomed, MERCI BEAUCOUP.

Thank you a lot in advance and have a nice day !


P.S.: I posted a first post on the link below on the forum, thank you to Emanuel.

I found on Github also some recipes that could help, for


as well as… https://github.com/vitmod/libplayer-4.9


I’m pretty sure you’re using our sources: https://github.com/OpenVisionE2

But why not giving credits?

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