Old TV Resolution not recognized

I have been using Coreelec(I think I was up to ver 9.2.5) on an Odroid N2 for several years without issue. I decided to manually update and the TV gives me a “Unsupported Mode” on screen and no Coreelec, just a black screen. I tried the latest version CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.2-Matrix_rc3 in a fresh install and same results. I think I need to modify the mode line in config.ini. My TV is a Samsung LNT 3242H LCD(14 years old). I can’t afford a new set. Can anyone suggggest a way forward. I do not know how I should modify the ini file, although I did try

EDIT: installed latest 19.2 RC and now working, not sure where I went wrong, but OK now

Maybe your tv was not turned on when booting earlier. CE should get the resolutions from the tv afaik

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