One movie not importing, using emby

Hi guys.

Main kodi install is a N2plus runing corelec 19.1-Matrix_rc4, Emby server is running on my synology NAS.

I have one stubborn movie that wont import into this instance of kodi. ‘Books of blood’ shows when i open up emby in a webpage, i can watch it via a browser and cast it to my TV.

But it wont show in kodi even after deleting the databases, uninstalling the emby addon and re-syncing all my libraries. I believe its there because when i search for ‘books’ it shows the films there, but clicking on it doesnt do anything.


kodi 19 on my windows 10 laptop, using the same build of the emby addon DOES show the movie.

Ive attached my kodi log, showing new install of emby and resysncing the libraries, Books of Blood in mentioned in the log, but its not showing in kodi.

Any Help would be good.kodi.log (1.2 MB)

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