One of my plugins will not play content

Hi all,

I am glad I found CoreElec for my C2, it seems to be running very well.

I have a problem with one of my plugins, however. I am getting this in kodi.log

WARNING: Playlist Player: ListItem type must be audio or video, use ListItem::setInfo to specify!

I have looked at the code for my plugin and it appears to be ok

def play_stream(url, name):
        item = xbmcgui.ListItem(path=url)
        item.setInfo('video', {'Title': name})
        return xbmcplugin.setResolvedUrl(handle, True, item)

I appreciate it is a Leia Kodi problem but any ideas would be most welcome.

Many thanks


These is a workaround, from here

You need to add your links to the favourites (context menu, Add to favourites) and then they work.