Only One Tuner of my Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD works under 8.95.2

today i make a clean install of 8.95.2 and with the Hauppauge Driver, in TVH no Tuner works, when i activatet Crazycat One Tuner of my WinTV-dualHD DVB-C Tuner works.

Under CE 8.90.4 i have two DVB-C Tuner works fine with the Crazycat Driver.

Whats the Problem?

Thank you

We reverted crazycat to 2017-11-13 version for better support older dvb boards. Try to use “DVB drivers from the latest kernel” in driver modules.

Hi, were can i found the setting? I don’t know.

Which crazycat where in 8.90.4? This version works fine for me

Add-ons->LibreELEC Module Drivers->Choose DVB driver module->DVB drivers from the latest kernel.

i don’t have a entrie like “DVB drivers from the latest kernel”, i have only “Standart LibreElec”, “crazycat” and “Haupage” which i can choose

Sorry. Use Hauppauge. This addon will be renamed to ‘DVB drivers from the latest kernel’ in next release.

With the Haupage Driver i have no working Tuner, the same with LibreElec Standart. Only with the Crazycat Driver i have one working Tuner.
In Old CE Versions it‘s the same, online the Crazycat Driver Works fine with my Tuner, on 8.90.4 and older with both Tuner.
Can i use the Crazycat Driver from 8.90.4 on 8.95.2? I will Test if it works again

Install this version: and reboot box.

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Hi, with this Version both Tuners works fine, thank you.

Hi Coolzero82,

what software do you use to use the dualHD-receiver? I also have the dualHD-stick, and I use TVheadend. Regardless which CrazyCat drivers I use, I have some issues. When I watch just one channel (= one tuner active), it’s nearly OK, I get some contnuity errors every few minutes. If I start up the second tuner with a different channel, the second stream is unusable, loads of continuity errors. The stream #1 however continues unmolested.
I use LePotato as Kodi-Box.

Kind regards


Hi, i use a Wetek play 2, and the nightly Build of CoreElec from 21.10.18 and TVH. I use also crazycat
I have still Problems with Micro stuttering, and a lot of BER and continuity Errors.
The Second Tuner i only use To Update the EPG, when i find Time tomorrow, i will Test your Szenario
Its definitly a Problem of the drivers,TVH or the Stick himself.
When i use my VU+ on the same Connection, i have no Problems.

Hi, thanks for clarifying.
I’d rule out the Stick itself: Using Windows, I can flawlessly watch two channels at the same time. No glitches whatsoever.
I’d suspect the driver.
As soon as Kernel 4.18 is available with some Kodi distro, I’ll see: Since 4.18 (or even 4.17) the stick is natively supported.

It is correctly That the Hauppauge winTV Dual only Works By activating the Crazycat Addon, and Not work with activatet Hauppauge Addon?!
I think in the Kernel 4.17.x and newer the Stick will run native!?

Thank you

@Coolzero82: For me, it only works with the CrazyCat TBS driver, not with the Hauppauge-driver.

@all: Just bumped my Raspberry to Kernel 4.19 (BRANCH=next rpi-update), copied the firmware from the Hauppauge Page (actually the soloHD firmware) to /lib/firmware, installed and configured TVheadend, and voilà, the stick works flawlessly with two channels received simultaneously! (Mind you: I did the watching on Windows - Raspberry, even 3B+, is not powerful enough to decode two HEVC-streams at once, it even struggles with one, not having a H.265 hardware codec)

I guess its some incompatibility between the firmware (Hauppauge even claims support since kernel 4.8! But only single tuner. Dual Tuner is only with 4.17 at least) and the 3.x kernel. The firmware in CrazyCat’s driver is the same as the one on the Hauppauge page btw.

I’ll just wait for whatever Kodi-distro comes out first with mainline kernel for Le Potato… Seems LibeELEC is working on it.

I have a lot of screen clippings with the stick and TVH/CE, it don’t work fine to watch TV

@Coolzero82: In case you’ve a Raspberry somewhere idling around, you might install the most recent Raspbian, use rpi-update with BRANCH=next to get kernel 4.19, insatll tvheadend, attach your dualHD to the Raspberry, and then redirect the HTS plugin from CoreELEC to the Raspberry. I have not tried it myself (will perhaps in the next days), but I suppose that should give you a stable TV experience, even watching two channels at once/recording one and watching another.

Hi, Thank you for your tip, But i don‘t use a Pie, i use a Wetek Play 2

Oh, sorry, I think my answer was a bit too sloppy… What I meant is, that you have your CoreElec-device (i.e. your Wetek Play 2) as it is, but in addition you set up another device running kernel 4.17 upwards (in my example the Raspberry), attach the dualHD to it, set up and configure TVheadend on it, and then on CoreElec you change the server address from the HTS PVR/TV frontend to point to the second device.
Still, if you just have the Wetek Play, and nothing else catching dust in some drawer, forget about my suggestion.

Hi, now i unterstand what do you mean, but i don‘t have a Pie, i only habe a Cubitruck , but this use actuelly kernel 4.14.70-sunix

I see, it gives a ARMBIAN DEV Version which use kernel 4.19x, i will See when i get time and the i Test it.

Hi, now i installed the DEV Build with Kernel 4.17x, the both Tuner will be Show, and the non-encrypted channels are working, but the encrypted are not bright, Oscam problems I exclude, because on all other devices in the house, the stations are bright only here, have in the TVH forum created a thread to, but still no Feedback. Now I’m wondering if I’m not here with a pie here just for the tuner, can you recommend something or is it any preference which version I take? which Os should I install?