Open HDR support

I have a pretty cheap TV which has a setting for “Open HDR” (Auto, Low, Medium, High). From what I understand, Open HDR = HDR10. If this feature is active, the TV will show “HDR” in its onscreen info panel.

This mode is not automatically detected or switched to when playing 10bit etc. video content in CoreELEC. If in CoreELEC system settings switch “Map SDRto HDR” is activated, the TV will switch to HDR mode and video content is accurately reproduced as 10bit HDR (HDR info is shown in TV info panel).

So, is there any way Open HDR could be activated automatically by CoreELEC? I’m afraid, though, the TV panel doesn’t inform properly of its capabilites. Here’s a debug log:

And sample video?

Your tone sounds like I have angered you. Sorry for that although I don’t know what I’ve done and what you want.

No, but how should we test it without a sample?

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