Opensubtitles addon stops working after while


I have a problem where I can not download subtitles via opensubtitles addon after the CE is iddle for about 5 mins. The dialog will say downloading subtitles and just sits there.

If I restart CE and try to download subtitle - it just work fine. After about 5 mins (screensaver kicks in) I try again and it will stop working completely.

Here is my log where I start CE and do nothing for 5-6mins and then try to download subtitles:

I’m in Australia where opensubtitles website is blocked. To prevent this I use static IP address and have changed DNS server in CE to (google)

Are you using This is the official addon done by opensubtitles and works way better than the one shipped by default with CE.

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Thanx Alexisa for the suggestion.

Unfortunately it didn’t fix my problem. Same issue.

Anyway I have fired up my other Kodi instance that runs on ubuntu and same issue there.
I think I better ask this question on the Kodi forums.

Still it’s very strange and I wonder if it’s network related, and by that I mean blocking the opensubtitles in Australia.

:frowning: Good luck.

It should not do that as it downloads the full sub file (on my setup) to the location of the show by default, to start with.
I’m in Aus too, and never had problems with opensub on any of my boxes, aside from bad versions that don’t match framerate etc.
You should be able to see a downloaded file - does it look complete in a text editor?

It never downloads the subtitle file. Just hangs on the dialog.

It works fine first time after KODI reboots, but then after ~5 mins it just hangs there!

Each time I reboot it will work fine.

What do you use to circumvent blockage of opensub website?

I don’t have any blockage of the site, which I can freely connect/login/download (assuming you do have a user/pw) to from PC as well as my CE boxes.
If you can’t connect to the site from a PC, you have to look at your ISP.